Safe Practice

1.     OH&S

Please take due care of yourself and others around you when you are working. Remember, the standards you walk past are the standards you set.

  • Wet floors are a common cause for slips; spills must be cleaned up immediately and thoroughly.
  • Keep walkway, fire exits and workbenches clean and free of obstructions to reduce the risk of injury.
  • Always use a stepladder to reach items that are out of your reach.
  • Never remove safety guards from machinery (except for the purpose of cleaning). Never use electrical equipment that appears faulty or has frayed wiring/cords.
  • Make sure that you report electrical faults and any damaged equipment to the site manager/supervisor.
  • You must take note of all safety signs and danger tags.


2.     Safe lifting practices

Please follow the basic rules listed below when lifting and carrying.

  • Precision Recruitment staff members are to practice ‘No Lift’ policy in order to prevent injuries, in line with our client’s requirements. The enormous amount of aids and equipment provided by clients means staff should never be ‘professionally obliged’ to manually lift patients/residents.
  • Make sure you only lift the weight you can handle.
  • Bend your knees. This enables you to reach down to the load and lift without straining your back.
  • Place your hands on the object to be lifted so that both hands are diagonally opposite for security and comfort.
  • Avoid jerking or any sudden movements and lift smoothly.
  • When you lift, raise your head up and tuck your chin into your body to keep your back straight.
  • Always lift and carry close to your body.
  • Keep your arms straight and avoid changing your grip on the object. Avoid twisting the spine by ensuring your body is facing forward when you release the object.
  • Get help if needed.


3.     WorkCover

If you are involved in an incident while you are working a shift for Precision Recruitment, you must report it immediately to your consultant.

An incident may be an accident where you or a colleague are hurt or injured, or it may be a “near miss” where you or a colleague has avoided injury from a situation that could have been more serious.

Please follow the following procedure for reporting an incident:

  • Advise your supervisor IMMEDIATELY (client) of the incident.
  • Contact Precision Recruitment and inform your consultant of the incident.
  • You should complete an incident report at the site at which the incident occurred and if possible have the report witnessed.
  • If an injury has been sustained, you will need to complete a WorkCover Workers Claim form, which should be available for you at your work site.
  • You will need to see a Doctor and he/she will complete a Certificate of Capacity and you should send this to Precision Recruitment with the WorkCover Workers claim form.
  • If your WorkCover claim is accepted you should send any medical accounts to Precision Recruitment.

If you have any further questions at any time regarding WorkCover issues please contact Precision Recruitment. Our WorkCover Manager will be happy to assist you.

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